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  • Chile de Arbol Sauce
  • Chile de Arbol Sauce
  • Chile de Arbol Sauce

Chile de Arbol Sauce

Chile de Arbol | In stock
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The Chile de Arbol is a small, potent Mexican chili pepper that grows 5 to 7.5 cm long and is .65 to 1 cm in diameter. It starts out green and turns a bright red color as it matures. It is also known as ‘tree chili’, a Spanish name that refers to the woody stem of the pepper. Other nicknames include bird’s beak or rat’s tail chile.

At Salsa Cosecha, we take these peppers when they are at the peak of perfection to use them in our tasty mexican salsa. With a heat that ranks 30,000 to 50,000 units on the Scoville scale, they are perfect for soups and marinades but can also be used to flavor meats and a variety of other dishes.


El Chile de Arbol es un pequeño y potente chile mexicano que crece de 5 a 7.5 cm de largo y es de 0.65 a 1 cm de diámetro. Comienza a crecer con un color verde y se convierte en un color rojo brillante quando se madura. También se conoce como "Chili de árbol", un nombre que se refiere al tallo leñoso del chile. Otros apodos son el pico de pájaro o cola de rata chile. 

En salsa cosecha, tomamos estos chiles cuando están en la cima de la perfección para usarlos en nuestra sabrosa salsa mexicana. Con un calor que clasifica 30.000 a 50.000 unidades en la escala de Scoville, son perfectos para sopas y marinadas, pero también se pueden utilizar para dar sabor a carnes y una variedad de otros platos.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great and better two than one

All the TV chefs say to add Chile de Arbol Sauce to your chile arsenal for depth of flavor. Amen. Glad I did. Use it on everything along with Japanese pepper/sesame/shaker togarashi. Also on Amazon. Hot but not tonsil clinging. Umami. Acid, sweet, sour, hot. Same guys who make Sriracha which to me is much hotter. Just on rice or eggs, fab. Miso soup, soba noodles, on and on. I even made a squeezer of honey, sherry vinegar, sesame oil and ginger and this. Endless apps. Hence good to buy two more cheaply than one and bigger size than local store.

Nice and HOT.

This stuff is nice and HOT, and that's coming from someone who can drink Tabasco sauce straight with no problems.. Chile de Arbol Sauce is not particularly flavorful, it's mostly about the Capsaicin, which is fine by us. This should be used as an additive, not a primary flavoring. Works GREAT in a Thai curry. Add some extra to get the authentic heat level.

Amazing and Authentic

Chile de Arbol Sauce is delicious and brings the perfect level of heat.

Excelent & delicious salsa macha

Excelent product. Best salsa macha ever. Really delicious

I really like this stuff...

Chile de Arbol Sauce isn't just for Chinese foods, it is excellent as a contaminant for other foods as well. Caution, it can make you sweat, as some very spicy foods have a tendency to do. If you are reviewing this product, then I think you are likely to enjoy it.